Friday, September 19, 2014

buffyofwinterfell replied to your post “[[MOR] You would think it would get easier to watch season six the…”

thaaaaank. i didn’t really think about this but yeah, everyone who is not Tara is like “You’re right to feel horrible, buffy. Your job sucks, your guy sucks, and you suck for putting up with it, like you have a choice!” :P

Seriously, and they do it without knowledge and once they do have knowledge and everyone just like Does Not Get what they are doing.  Tara is beautiful and fantastic and I get that everyone else is dealing with their own problems buuut I can’t help but sympathize with Buffy significantly.

"He loves me.  Sometimes it isn’t easy, but he does."

"Who told you that it isn’t easy to love you?"

Nnnnnnn that one never really struck me properly before

So I’m on Doublemeat Palace which is funny bc I was just watching the episode of Parks and Rec where Andy and April get married and the old woman who’s the demon in this ep is Andy’s grandma



this fic is a work of art

Some highlights from the ever infamous, My Immortal HP fanfic…..these will never not be funny….


one time i actually thought i had a chance with someone